MAXDRGON SHIPPING CO., LTD registered in Guangzhou (Canton), CHINA in 2004, because Chinese government introduced new regulations for shipping/forwarding companies. MAXDRGON SHIPPING CO., LTD also establishes branches in Shenzhen and Zhaoqing. We are the members of CIFFA (China International Freight Forwarders Association), GIFFA (Guangdong International Freight Forwarders Association) and China Logistics Club.

Our team has the most experienced and professional members who have worked in the forwarding, chartering, and project cargo transportation more than twenty years. We have very reliable agents at head office and branches all over the world to provide our clients the best(most convenient, most reliable and fastest)services in shipping, chartering, forwarding, airfreight, project and DG cargo transportations.

Our mission is providing an effective and efficient flow of logistic services across the supply chain. MAXDRAGON has a team of professional consultants who can personalize your supply chain needs with expertise in freight management, extensive worldwide network coverage, and advanced information technology. Our vision is to become a leading logistics provider with strong presence in China.

MAXDRAGON will continue to provide comprehensive shipping and transportation services by linking up China and overseas markets through our professional expertise. At last, we wish our friends “ENJOY YOUR LIFE, ENJOY OUR SERVICE”.